For those interested, please read the article on page 1, THE US PRESIDENT AND ARMY CORPS’ DISCRETION AND AUTHORITY WITH REGARD TO EXECUTIVE ACTION IN FURTHERANCE OF BREACHING THE LOWER SNAKE RIVER DAMS, written by Elizabeth Dunne, Director of Legal Advocacy at Earth Law Center, in support of breaching the dams. The article explains that “the president has the discretion and authority to take action in furtherance of breaching the lower Snake River Dams.”

Response to Murray/Inslee choosing NOT to breach the dams. Sen. Patty Murray and Gov. Jay Inslee have each stated that dam removal on the Lower Snake River must take place to honor treaty rights, and save salmon and orcas from extinction. But neither one is taking action to breach the dams.  We’re asking that you sign this letter to show our elected officials that we the people want those dams breached, treaty rights honored, and the salmon saved. Please take action today by clicking here to submit a letter that will be sent to Senator Murray and Governor Inslee letting them know that we will not sit idly by while our elected officials destroy our environment.